Thursday, April 06, 2006

First hummingbird of the season

Today the first hummingbird of the season cruised over the porch looking for the feeders I put out each year. He surprised me! The weather has been somewhat cooler than normal it seems this year and I wasn't expecting the return of "my" hummingbirds yet.

I immediately grabbed the bag of sugar I keep for the hummingbirds and mixed up some food. It didn't take long before he was back, found the feeders and started gorging.

This will be our third summer in this house. We sit on 5 acres between Peachtree City and Fayetteville. Most of the property is wooded. The wonderful couple that built the home put in a great assortment of flowers and bushes that the birds and hummingbirds love.

Every time I look out the window of my office (a converted sun porch with windows on three sides) and see the gorgeous scene out the window I am thankful to be living in this great county. I love this county and I love this little oasis Greg & I have made in the middle of it. Wild turkeys come to feed under the bird feeders I fill regularly. There is never a time when I can't find a number of birds in the yard. Deer wander down the driveway and across the back at random times.

And there are the hummingbirds.

I fell in love with them the first summer they appeared and now I perk up immediately when I get my first one! Before long he'll have company and I'll be filling the multitude of feeders every couple of days. For me, it isn't truly Spring until that first hummingbird shows up. He's here. So is Spring!