Sunday, September 24, 2006

Has anyone noticed that everytime a new strip shopping mall goes in the first store to open is often a nail salon? It seems there are at least as many nail salons as there are drug stores.

How many women get their nails done at a salon? I keep mine short as I work with clay and fingernails are not condusive to smooth lines, plus they don't look very good at the end of the day!

I'm curious - does anyone know much about the business? How many do we have in the county? How many women regularly visit the salon and how many times a month do you have to go to keep your nails beautiful? I know nails are fun - I get a kick out of some of the designs and colors. When we have girls night we always "do our nails" at some time during the night. My nieces love to paint my short nails strange colors... which only lasts until they leave or I get home!

I guess I'll be looking up nail salons on the Internet when I have a few minutes just to see if there's any data on the growth and how they survive or thrive.

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