Monday, October 16, 2006

What goes with Fayette & the Arts?

Yesterday I attended the one-year anniversary celebration at the Fayette Art Center and Gallery in Fayetteville. It's a non-profit with a mission to highlight local arts in the county. I know that over 6,000 invitations were mailed out. The attendace was good, but it should have been great.

This county is filled, chocked to the top, with good artists in all genres. Why aren't we supporting each other? Where are the family and friends of the arts?

I have been truly impressed with what has been happening in Coweta County. They are hopping when it comes to promoting the arts. It would seem that given the make-up of this county that we would be in the lead on the arts. Instead it seems we're lagging behind Clayton, Coweta and many other counties around the metro area.

Is it because we have too many things to choose from? Do we put too much focus on sports (not that I have a problem with sports!)? Our children have a better chance of making money playing for a symphony, being an architect, writing for a paper, teaching art, or working for a museum than they would playing for the Atlanta Braves.

Art is somewhat of a solitary field so it can be hard to generate enthusiasm. We don't go to a museum and cheer for our team. Is that why people don't get behind the arts?

The arts should be supported in this county. What do we need to do to make it happen? I for one don't think it's the responsibility of the government to build us an art center or to make something happen. If we're passionate about the arts, we should be able to band together and support building a venue.

In Kennesaw a local developer took it upon himself to build the Dozier Cultural Arts Center as a FOR-profit venue. Instead of holding our hands out to the government, we should be taking our hands and using them to pull out our wallets. Yes, there are grants, and more power to anyone who has the initiative and know-how to get them. But lets get this movement going. Let's get behind those who want to build a center for the arts. ALL the arts, not just the theater or painters or potters or musicians.

Lets bring the Endowment Committee for the Cultural Arts, Society for the Fine Arts, the Fayette Art Center & Gallery, the YMCA, the various musical groups, theater groups and others together and make it happen. Let's quit dancing around the issue, get all the factions together and do it.

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