Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reality Climbing Rocks

Reality Climbing, an indoor rock climbing facility on the border of Peachtree City and Tyrone, sent sixteen climbers to the first of seven USA Climbing/Sport Climbing Series competitive events on Saturday, February 23.

Rock climbing is a sport of speed, strength, strategy, endurance, agility, and quick thinking! Ben Watson, an 8th grader at Rising Starr Middle School, says, “Climbing is a tough sport that requires both strength of mind and body.”

First place finishers from Reality included Michael LaCour and Jane Lu. Victoria White, a 3rd grader at Tyrone Elementary, and Grace Robertson placed second. Third place finishers include MasAnne Fulmer, a 4th grader at Peeples Elementary, Ben Watson, 8th grade at Rising Starr Middle School, and Michael White. A fourth place finish from Kevin McInturff and sixth place finishes from Billy Porter, a 3rd grader at Peeples Elementary, Julia Roberts, a 6th grader at Bennett’s Mill Middle School, and Tyler Jones, a 11th grader at McIntosh High School left Reality Climbing excited about their first competition of the season.

USA Climbing competitions are Red Point formats, which give climbing competitors points for successfully climbing a route to the top without using or weighting the gear or rope. Julia Roberts, a 6th grader at Bennett’s Mill Middle School, who is in one of the toughest categories of climbers this year, stated after the competition, “Climbing is so much fun! After three years, the one thing I have learned is patience and persistence do pay off!”

Additional participants included Madison Altman, Betsy McInturff, Hannah Montondo, Sammy Heine, and Andrew Nagy.

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