Friday, June 13, 2008

Golf Carts Dangerous? Seriously---

FL Note: Before you laugh out loud, read the story. Those of us who live the golf cart life in Peachtree City know of the dangers. Just last week, I happened upon an accident involving two golf carts. One was driven by a teenage girl who was going too fast down a hill, couldn't stop, and plowed into the bridge crossing Flat Creek. The other golf cart, driven by an old man, was ok. Her golf cart? Well, let's just say her father probably wasn't real happy when he got there to see the broken cart that had to be towed. Tis hard to drive a cart when its two front wheels are facing each other.

Golf Cart Injuries Increasing

Who ever heard of a golf cart crash? Apparently there are enough of them that they have become a concern. In fact, golf carts are becoming a popular means of transportation away from golf courses,......

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