Monday, July 14, 2008

School Breakfast and Lunch Prices Increase Five Percent

The rising costs of food and other expenses associated with the preparation of school meals have resulted in a modest increase in lunch prices for the new school year.

Students at all grade levels will pay 10 cents more for lunch and breakfast. At the elementary level, breakfast will cost $1.35 and lunch $2. Middle and high school students will pay $1.45 for breakfast and $2.10 for lunch. There were no price changes for students receiving reduced priced breakfasts and lunches.

Adults will also have to pay more for food purchased at the schools. Lunch prices went up 15 cents across the board to $2.75. Breakfast prices remain the same at $1.45.

The increases in student meal prices were set at the lowest price point needed to offset expenses based on increases from the previous school year that included a 23% increase in the cost of food, a one percent increase in labor and a 13% increase in other supplies such as paper products, chemicals, office supplies, small equipment and computer equipment.

The school nutrition program operates on a zero balanced budget, meaning it does not make a profit from food sales but relies on revenues generated from sales to cover its costs. More than half of the costs to prepare meals (54.1%) are supplemented from meal sales. Another 13.4% comes from extra food sold at the schools. Other sources of income include funding from the state and federal government at 4.5% and 24.1%, respectively, and foods received from the USDA valued at 3.9%.

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