Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rising Starr Students Tour Justice Center

Judge Judy Jones gave Rising Starr Middle students Natalie Kravchuk, Corrie Williamson, Matthew Werner, Nicholas Sanchez and Alex Werner a tour of her courtroom.

From holding cells to the courtroom, a group of Rising Starr Middle students got a first-hand look into the justice system.

Students in Molly Monahan’s class had the opportunity to tour the Fayette County Justice Center and talk to officials who are in charge of enforcing and carrying out laws that govern all citizens. Leann Bartlett and Lt. Francis Cavender led the students on a tour of the center while Judge Judy Jones showed them around her courtroom and explained how court cases are carried out. She even let them try on her robe and bang the gavel.

“Judge Jones, Ms. Bartlett and Lt. Cavender were great to us. The students had a great time and learned a lot about how the justice system works,” says Monahan.

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