Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fayette County Schools Invite Community to Go Red for Red Ribbon Week

Fayette County students and teachers will join millions nationwide in wearing red ribbons to support healthy lifestyles during Red Ribbon Week October 26-30.

This national celebration has become a major force for raising public awareness and mobilizing communities to combat drug use and underage drinking among youth. Research shows that early drug use is associated with negative consequences such as higher school dropout rates and a greater likelihood of violence and using weapons.

The community can help fight drug and alcohol use among youth during Red Ribbon Week by wearing a red ribbon during October 26-30 to show support, encouraging their workplaces to support Red Ribbon Week and getting involved in Red Ribbon Week events at schools throughout the county. Many schools have planned activities for each day of the week including contests, spirit days and special assemblies.

One special event is taking place at Whitewater High and Sandy Creek High on October 26. Dr. Tim Elmore will present his book, “Habitudes,” which emphasizes finding the leader in every student. According to his website, sociologists report that the most introverted of people will influence 10,000 others in an average lifetime. His presentation will help students focus on how they influence others, how to make a positive difference in their world and how to intentionally add value to the people in their lives.

Although Red Ribbon Week came about following the death of a Drug Enforcement Agent in 1985, CARE (Children at Risk in Education) Coordinator Karen Spangler says she wants Fayette’s program to focus on more than drug prevention.

“The world has changed a great deal since Red Ribbon began. I want our program to be as much about making good decisions and choices as about alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention,” she says.

Red Ribbon Week is an opportune time for families, communities and educators to unite in their efforts to help shape a strong community among our youth. Please contact the school in your area to learn how you can get involved in Red Ribbon Week celebrations.

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