Saturday, November 21, 2009

Peachtree City Elementary Students Share Season’s Bounty

Lily Gober places eggplants and corn into the cornucopias made by Peachtree City Elementary ASP students for Fest Day. The decorations were later donated to Southland Health and Rehabilitation.

The spirit of sharing Thanksgiving’s bounty is in the hearts of After School Program (ASP) students at Peachtree City Elementary.

The students designed paper cornucopias filled with vegetables made out of paper and paint to serve as centerpieces during the school’s annual Fest Day, an event held just before the Thanksgiving holiday break when parents and family members join their children for lunch.

After the fest was over, the ASP students extended the spirit of giving by donating their handiwork to their next door neighbors at Southland Health and Rehabilitation. The facility will use the artwork to decorate the residents’ dining hall between now and Thanksgiving Day.

"This activity provided our students with dual opportunities in creative expression and community service. ASP students enjoyed sharing their art with the school and with our neighbors at Southland. It was wonderful to see the students develop an awareness," says Jennifer Campbell, the school’s ASP site coordinator.

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