Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fayette Middle Academic Team Wins Regional Tourney

The academic team at Fayette Middle School is the co-winner of the region 6 PAGE (Professional Association of Georgia Educators) Academic Bowl for Middle Grades.

Students compete by fielding questions on subjects ranging from Georgia history to mathematics, science, literature and the performing arts. The questions are developed using the Georgia Middle School curriculum. Team members answer toss-up and bonus questions to score points. The program inspires students to excel academically, boosts student self-confidence and self-esteem through high achievement, and stimulates both a team and competitive spirit.

Fayette Middle was among 24 academic bowl teams that emerged as winners from regional competitions. Two winners are selected from each of the 12 state regions represented by PAGE, and are invited to participate in the semi-finals competition.

Lori Tallman, eighth grade language arts, and Carol Saboda, sixth grade language arts, are the team’s coaches.

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