Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fayette County Students Sees Gains on Eighth Grade Writing Assessment

Fayette County student scores on the 2010 Georgia Eighth Grade Writing Assessment show a four percent gain in the “meets standards” category and improved scores for both African American and Hispanic students.

A total of 1,632 regular program students took the test with 80 percent “meeting standards,” 16 percent “exceeding standards,” and four percent “not meeting standards.” Fayette’s scores remained above that of the state where 76 percent of Georgia’s eighth graders “met standards,” seven percent “exceeded standards,” and 17 percent “did not meet standards.”

Fayette’s African American and Hispanic students posted the greatest improvement from last year. African American students went from 16 percent “not meeting standards” to 10 percent, and increased from 76 to 83 percent in “meeting standards,” – a seven percent gain. Hispanic students dropped from eight to three percent in “not meeting standards,” and increased from 77 to 79 percent in “meeting standards” and from nine to 13 percent in “exceeding standards.” In comparison to Georgia’s scores, the students performed well above their peers with 29 percent of the state’s African American students and 25 percent of Hispanic students “not meeting standards,” 69 percent of African Americans and 72 percent of Hispanics “meeting standards,” and three percent of both African American and Hispanic students “exceeding standards.”

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