Friday, June 04, 2010

Honor Flight Fayette's 6th Trip to DC was May 4th- Final Trip to be in the Fall

Another group of 70 excited World War II veterans made the one day round trip to the nation’s capitol on May 4th to see their memorial, as well as making other stops including Arlington Cemetery to see the changing of the guard.

As has happened in the past, many people along the way took the time to say “thank you” and give hugs to these veterans; however, there were more tears of gratitude seen than ever before on these trips. Perhaps these heroes of the “greatest generation” reminded the on-lookers of their fathers, grandfathers, mothers or grandmothers who served in World War II. Some of them came home and lived productive lives, some were terribly wounded, but some never came home at all.

In addition to the horrors of war, some veterans received “Dear John” letters while they were away, but lucky veterans returned to waiting sweethearts. Some found their loves after they returned, and others fell in love “over there” and brought their wives-to-be, to a land foreign to them, to begin a new life together.

The loyalty and tenacity these veterans had for their country extended to their marriages, families, faith and jobs. The old sayings “don’t start something you can’t finish”, and “if you are going to do it, do it right the first time” so perfectly sums up the attitude of these amazing men and women.

After taking 420 veterans for this trip to D.C., Honor Flight Fayette will make its last trip in the coming fall, making a total of 490 veterans that this organization has had the privilege of meeting. The stories heard, the tears witnessed and appreciation expressed by the veterans is equaled to or exceeded by the emotions felt by those fortunate enough to accompany them to Washington.

If you are a World War II veteran, or would like to be a volunteer or guardian, please contact or call 770-719-1024 for further information.

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