Monday, November 08, 2010

Students Learn Healthy Eating Habits

Students not only learn about cooking food, but they also get information on healthy eating and nutrition through their Family and Consumer Sciences Connection classes at Whitewater Middle.

Partnering with the school’s lunch program manager, Ruchelle Helton, teacher Laurel Hinze organized a program to teach students about the healthy and nutritional benefits of their school lunches, which are prepared with reduced sodium, fat and sugar. The students also learned skills for making smart menu choices, using portion control and priority decision-making.

The lesson was connected with My Pyramid and the USDA School Lunch Plan. Students were instructed on how to navigate and related USDA websites.

Hinze concluded the lesson with these words for her students, “Eat a school lunch today, thank our lunchroom ladies for all they do for you, and enhance your diet and education of foods by researching”

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