Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cafeteria Manager Wins Milk Cooler for School

Whitewater High School Cafeteria Manager Katherine Denfeld’s participation in “Strive for 35˚,” a milk temperature survey sponsored by the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association, Inc., has scored a new milk cooler for the school.

The purpose of the survey was to encourage food service professionals to test the temperature of their milk to ensure that it is being served between 35˚ and 40˚ F. Milk tastes best and has a longer shelf life when stored between these temperatures. Shelf life is shortened by 50 percent for every 5-degree increase in temperature over 40˚F.

The survey required four separate temperature checks using a calibrated thermometer from various locations inside each of the school’s milk coolers throughout one lunch period. Some reasons why milk may not be at the correct temperature include overloading the milk cooler, a malfunctioning cooler or leaving the lid of the cooler open between lunch periods.

By taking part in the survey, Denfeld is ensuring that Whitewater High students will choose milk by serving it the way it tastes best. Dairy foods, such as milk, supply three of the five nutrients children and adolescents need: calcium, potassium and magnesium.

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