Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fayette has TALENT

Wow. I spent the weekend manning the booth for Offshoot Productions (Theatre) at the 2nd Annual Festival of Arts in Fayette County. I knew there would be art, and I knew there would be things for the kids to do, and I knew there would be some peformances. What I didn't know was how fantastic the performances would be!

We are truly overflowing with exceptional talent in this county! I've known about the talented folks who perform for Offshoot Productions and have been impressed for many years with the multi-talented writers, singers and actors.

This past weekend I learned about many of the other performers from Fayette.

We're going to see some of these kids on stage and will be listening to them on the radio at some point in the future. There were entire families chocked full of young performers (the Wade family is 'just all broke out' with talent!).

Something else I noted was the phenomenal support provided by the performer's families. Also, they had the support of the school system, numerous local non-profit theater groups and art groups.

The YMCA has been involved in promoting the arts in various ways for some time. The Endowment Committee for Cultural Arts was on-hand this weekend and has a long-term commitment to supporting the arts through scholarships and endowments.

Recently Andre DeLorenzo started up the Southside ARTS Agenda, an email newsletter that goes out weekly to inform a growing membership list about all the arts happenings.

The Fayette Art Center & Gallery, another non-profit, is doing their part to promote and support artists and craftsmen of all ages. They recently moved into the yellow building across from Publix on Hwy. 54 just outside the Peachtree City limits.

We in this county are very lucky to have all the home-grown talent I saw and heard this weekend. I know it's just the tip of the iceberg, too. These kids are very, very lucky to live in such a great county and to have such a strong support system that allows them the ability to stretch their wings and discover their talents.

There is power in the arts and there is power in Fayette County's art "scene."

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