Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Have you ever been really impressed with someone?

We're overrun with outstanding individuals in Fayette County. Every time I turn around it seems I meet someone who's giving... and giving... of their time and resources to help others in the community, and beyond. Most are giving quietly, not tooting their own horn or looking for a pat on the back. They see a need, it tugs at their heart strings, and they're off on a mission.

Lately I've been noticing all the changes going on over at Fayette Senior Services (FSS). Debbie Britt took the helm not too long ago and all I can say is "WOW"! She is doing a fantastic job from all I hear and see. I think I've finally found someone who gets less sleep than I do... she's definitely more energetic. From what I've seen, she's taken FSS to heart and is going way above and beyond to make it a success. She truly seems to have made FSS her mission and seniors across the county are benefiting!

The new Senior Center is impressive in its own right. It is a beautiful new building and there are a lot of major changes in the works. Debbie seems is the perfect person to handle all the challenges that come with big changes.

I first met Debbie via email. She sent a press release to the Fayette Front Page (probably the Fayette Forum back then) at some ridiculously late hour --- I want to say it was around 1 or 2 in the morning. I, of course, was up doing the same silly thing, working. I answered and the beginnings of a late night email friendship of sorts began.

Our paths crossed off and on at events like last year's Tour de Georgia. She did a superb job with the Tour when it came through Peachtree City. It seemed like she had every little thing well in hand and she managed to smile all the way through and find time to talk to everyone demanding a bit of her energy.

The Board at FSS deserves a rousing round of applause for grabbing her - she's a perfect match.

It's clear she's committed to making FSS a success. They are a non-profit offering a wide assortment of activities and support for seniors. They reach out into the community delivering meals to those in need, providing transportation for seniors and other services such as in-home assistance to help seniors live independently as long as possible. FSS does much more. They are a fun center offering more activities than I can include here.

I'm not sure of the exact numbers, but I've heard that membership has grown from around 40 or so to somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 since November. Imagine keeping a hold on that tiger's tale! Add in a huge new building, the need for new services, a strong need for more volunteers and staff, plus all the day-to-day nit picky details like dealing with the government, raising money, putting on events and being a quasi-public relations person! The multi-talented Ms. Debbie is handling it all with a smile and handling it well.

I'm impressed. And yes, I'm still getting late night press releases from her.

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