Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My hummingbirds are back...

Finally. It's truly Spring, life is good and everything is right with the world.

My parents, who live on Lake Oconee, have had hummingbirds for weeks so I figured we were bound to have them here since we're a bit further south. As of this afternoon I hadn't noticed any hummingbirds yet and was just a bit bummed. My office has windows on three sides and overlooks the porch were I put the feeders. I have a great view and would have noticed.

I sneaked down to the studio to play in the clay for a bit this afternoon, going out the back door so I could check the feeders. I've had them out since Easter so I thought I should check to make sure the contents hadn't gone bad. Sure enough they were building crud so I dumped them.

After an hour or so in the studio I came up, grabbed the empty feeder and went in to clean and refill. As I opened the back door to put out fresh food, there sat a hummingbird on the perch patiently waiting for me to bring him his dinner. Definitely a male!

I put one feeder out running him off for a moment or two. As I turned to go inside another one zoomed by buzzing close enough that I felt the breeze.

Now they're both out there. One sitting on the perch guarding his feeders, the other trying to sneak in for a quick nip. Tomorrow I'll put a feeder out near the studio and one around the corner out of site. Hopefully this year I'll attract a few more than in the past.

It's Spring!

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