Friday, August 22, 2008

Living in Faith at Death

Editor's note: There are plenty of excellent hospice groups around. The staff of the Fayette Front Page wish to acknowledge Hospice Advantage in Fayetteville for their assistance to one of our own as our staff member's family recently faced this issue in another state. A special "thank you" to Rebecca Folkes for her kindness.

It's the moment we all dread. It's the sound of the phone ringing at a time of day that is typically unusual. The voice on the other end of the line chokes out the words, "It's over."

Death is hard. Whether you or a loved one is staring at that door, it's just plain hard.

I have long been a strong believer in hospice care. Actually, I was sold on the hospice approach back in 1986 when my father was staring at that door. The local hospice in the town my parents lived in was there. They assisted my mom. There was someone there for her to lean on as she faced the day when her world stopped.

There's a new study out just this week that shows the hospice approach of incorporating faith in their program works. Whether it's the emotions of pleasure, guilt, sorrow, regret or any other emotion one goes through during this time, the study validates the faith approach of hospice. It's common for everyone to evaluate everything in their life as they face death. For my family, their care has been so very helpful. It's nice to have had those extra eyes caring and praying for us.

Death is a time when the world stands still for those who have lost their loved ones. Don't face it alone. Let someone whose heart is filled with compassion stand by your side.

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