Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Offshoot Offers Audience Participation in Murder Mystery and Improvisation Troupe

Offshoot Productions, the Southside’s longest-running professional theatre, has shifted its focus to touring and special events. Having recently completed its wide and resoundingly successful tour of the company-developed children’s show, Tales from Near and Far, the theatre is turning its attention to interactive performances for adult audiences.

Rehearsal for Murder is a sequel to 2006’s Audition for Murder and features several of the same characters. The play takes place in a police station following the death of Dr. Marcy Masters, a wacky theatrical director who has recently been released from an institution after getting off with a “not guilty due to temporary insanity” plea in the murder of an actress. The suspects in Marcy’s murder are two performers, Toby and Anne, who were trapped in a malfunctioning freight elevator with Marcy. The audience members, who have been given lines before the start of the show, play police detectives.

In addition to developing the murder mystery, Offshoot has expanded its improvisation troupe, the Gallery Players, over the past few months. The highly experienced and witty performers can tailor a performance to the needs of any group. Moreover, audience members supply many of the characters and situations enacted by the performers, and occasionally a few brave souls have an opportunity to join the actors on stage. Because the audiences always provide different input and because not every member of the Gallery Players appears in every show, performances are always different.

As the company’s need for set and costumes is greatly reduced, it will continue to sell much of the contents of its Peachtree City storage space. Interested parties should call the Offshoot office for details.

Those interested in booking Rehearsal for Murder or the Gallery Players should contact Offshoot at (770) 631-2362 or
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