Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Spooky Legend of the Peachtree City Fire Department Lives on October 24 and 25

Don't accept these ladies' offer to sit down as did this brave young man! Look closely at the chair, fondly known as Mr. Sparky... Wander through the woods on the Haunted Trail at the PTC Fire Department's fundraiser and see other visions of horror!

Every year at the beginning of October, a strange and mysterious event happens at the Peachtree City Fire Department. The brave men and women who are charged with rescuing us and fighting fires morph into ghouls, chainsaw toting wild men and, well, just general spirits of the night.

It's the time of year where the Peachtree City Fire Department gets fired up about fall. They sponsor their two largest fundraisers of the year during this time. The first event, is pumpkin selling. The other event is their annual Haunted House and Haunted Trail. While the Haunted House is designed by the firefighters, the Haunted Trail is designed by the Explorer Post, a group of ghouls, er, firefighters in training.

We stopped in to check on the progress of the haunted house preparations and were welcomed by smiling firefighters into their burn house. The burn house, normally used for training, is magically transformed into a 10 room haunted house over a three week period and about 200 hours of labor. Each room has a different theme and is created by different teams. These teams delve deep into their imaginations to bring each room to life for a maximum scare factor.

The firefighters are quick to point out this is not for the faint of heart. While they would not give us the details of the theme rooms, they did tell us there would be numerous exits and firefighters in everyday clothing to quickly remove their hysterical guests. Our tour guide, Stephanie Furey, grinned as she said, "Oh yeah" when asked about different ghouls and goblins being present in the house.

During the four nights the Haunted House and Trail are open, the Fire Department anticipates close to 1000 victims, ummm, "guests" to tour their creations.

In order to answer the burning question in my mind about these seemingly mild mannered protectors of our community, I must first ask "Whatever happened to the volunteers?" Do I dare find out? Do you?

Hours of Operation
7:00 pm-11:00pm
20-30 min for the tour
Expect 30 min wait at peak times

Oct 24 and 25

Student $8
Adults $10

Not recommended for children under 11 or for anyone who scares easily. There is a moonwalk for the younger set.

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