Saturday, July 18, 2009

Recall Robert Horgan Gains Steam

The “Committee to Recall Robert Horgan” (Committee) held a Kick-Off Rally on Tuesday evening at the Whitewater Creek Community Association’s Club House. The goal was to collect signatures to jump-start the recall of Fayette County Commissioner Robert Horgan and to energize volunteers.

Signatures from over 90 registered voters were quickly obtained that evening. Most of those present at the Rally took signature sheets with them to help obtain signatures for the recall effort.

Harold Bost, the coordinator of the Recall Robert Horgan drive, has received numerous additional phone calls from Fayette residents asking where they can sign the application and others asking where they can get more signature forms so they can help obtain more registered voter’s signatures.

“Although we believe we now have sufficient signatures to obtain the official Recall Petition, we plan to collect signatures until July 29, 2009, the deadline for returning the “Application for Recall”, Bost noted. “We are doing this to train our “staff” of volunteers and to demonstrate to Robert Horgan that this is a determined group of Fayette County Voters working hard to get him recalled.”

On May 23, 2009 Commissioner Horgan was pulled over by Fayette County Sheriff’s deputies for driving with an expired license tag. After noting a strong smell of marijuana, Horgan’s vehicle was searched and a pill bottle with marijuana was located under the driver’s seat. He was subsequently cited for the expired tag and for “Possession of Marijuana – Less than one ounce U.T.C. #106982”. Horgan admitted to smoking marijuana while driving; however, he was not charged with driving under the influence or tested for drugs.

According to the Fayette County Sheriff’s “The Supplemental Report, Case Number: 0904859” (attached), while sitting in the back of the patrol car Horgan asked deputies “If there was anything that we could do to resolve this right here, right now”.

Commissioner Horgan has refused to resign despite repeated calls to do so by citizens, seven former commissioners, and at least one of his fellow Commissioners. An Ethics Violation has been filed by two Fayette citizens and a pubic hearing is pending.

Horgan is one of the five senior elected officials in Fayette County, responsible for approving its $63M budget. Committee members and citizens across the county have voiced concerns regarding Horgan’s judgment, his involvement with unlawful activities, and his ethics.

The Committee was registered with the State of Georgia on July 11, 2009 and began its initial steps to recall Horgan on July 14. A website has been set up to keep Fayette County citizens updated on the recall efforts:

Information regarding volunteering to help, how to sign the recall petition, and downloadable official recall forms are also located on the site. Completed forms should be returned to Harold Bost 125 Turnberry Circle, Fayetteville, 30215. Forms may also be obtained by contacting Bost at 770-719-0638.

For more information contact Harold Bost at (770-719-0638) or Bob Ross at (770-486-1104).

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