Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Warning for Southern Federal Credit Union Members...

There's a phishing attempt hitting the area... Last night I received a call telling me my account had been compromised and they'd shut off my ATM card (or words to that affect). I was to press 1, yada yada... Of course, I didn't. I hung up. Then they called on my other line.

When I called the Credit Union this morning I was informed that there's an area-wide call going on and they're trying to get to the bottom of it. I know they're being slammed with calls! The callers are blanketing the area it appears, they don't seem to have a customer list as people are getting called who don't have accounts. It's just a blatant attempt to get someone, anyone, to give them sufficient information to grab some money.

Beware of ANYONE calling and wanting your information. If it's a legitimate call they're going to have the information, they won't need anything from you aside from info to confirm what they SHOULD have...

My motto? When in doubt, check it out. Get their number. Call your main bank or credit union and verify that it's legit.

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