Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fayette County CRCT Scores Among Top in Georgia

The 2010 CRCT results show Fayette County students are among the top statewide in subjects tested at all grade levels.

In comparison to the critical grade levels where students must pass reading in third grade and both reading and math in fifth and eighth grades to get promoted, only Forsyth County and a handful of smaller school systems posted higher scores in some subjects.

Overall, test scores remain high across all subjects and grade levels, soaring well above state averages. Students showed the greatest gains in math in grades 3, 5 and 8, posting 1.6, 1.9 and 6.3 points, respectively, above last year’s scores. Likewise, eighth graders also posted significant gains in both science and social studies with increased scores of 1.3 and 4.5 points, respectively.

The CRCT is a curriculum-based test given to students in grades 1-8 in the subjects of reading, English Language Arts and mathematics. In grades 3-8, science and social students are added.

It is projected that all schools will have all groups make AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) this year with the exception of one sub-group at Sandy Creek High and one sub-group at Fayette County High. A small sub-group at Sandy Creek did not have enough students make the AYP cut score on the English Language Arts portion of the GHSGT (Georgia High School Graduation Test); a small sub-group at Fayette County did not have enough students make the AYP cut score on the math portion of the GHSGT. Both schools are working with their groups during the next few weeks to help them prepare for a retest in July. The outcome of the retest could change both schools’ status to passing in these categories.

The Fayette County Public School System thanks its teachers and students for their hard work and will continue to address areas of improvement with additional strategies.

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