Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fayette County School FY2011 Budget Approved, No Cuts to Employees or Students

The Fayette County Board of Education unanimously approved the budget for fiscal year 2011, but with less in the way of reductions compared to what other school systems around the state are implementing.

The approved budget maintains staff benefits, programs for students, a full 180-day school year, and no employee furloughs. In addition, the board voted to restore the equivalent of up to three furlough days of pay to all employees who took them this past year.

While the school system is maintaining its operations without reducing what it offers to students and employees, it is doing so with $12,281,410 less in state and local revenue.

Employees and students are not the only ones benefitting, homeowners are getting some relief as well. A 1.7 mill reduction in the tax/millage rate for bonded indebtedness could result in a $200 savings in taxes for the average home. The millage rate reduction is made possible thanks to the ESPLOST voters approved in November 2008.

“We also have to thank our employees, students and parents for the sacrifices they made this past year. Due to their efforts, our budget for 2011 is in good shape heading into the new school year. Our staff did an outstanding job in cutting expenses and saving money where possible. It is because of strategic planning and the efforts and sacrifices of our school community that we have a sound budget for next year,” says Superintendent John DeCotis.

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