Thursday, October 07, 2010

Fayette Youth Protection Homes Names New Board President

Bill Webb, President of Fayette Youth Protective Homes, Inc. and Becky Davenport, Executive Director of Fayette Youth Protective Homes, Inc.

Fayette County resident, Bill Webb, was recently appointed President of the Fayette Youth Protection Homes, Inc. (FYPH) Board of Directors. Fayette Youth Protection Homes is a private, non-profit organization which offers refuge and supportive services to children who have been the victims of abuse or neglect. Bill Webb will serve as President of the Board of Directors for one year.

He and his wife Lou reside in Fayetteville. They are the proud parents of three young adult children; Murray, Taylor and Elizabeth. Mr. Webb is the Senior Loan Officer/ Senior Vice President of Community Capital Bank in Jonesboro, Georgia. He has served as a member of the FYPH Board of Directors since 2004.

Visiting the Fayette Youth Protection Home’s Friday-Johnson group home in Brooks, Georgia has become a regular activity for Bill and his Sunday school class from New Hope Baptist Church. The residential group home offers children ages 6 through 17 comprehensive services in a loving, homelike environment. A typical visit for Webb and his group includes providing a home cooked meal, some games or entertainment, followed by some Christian fellowship. The entertainment has occasionally been Webb himself playing the guitar; a hobby he started as a young boy. Recently his guitar playing inspired several of the children who are currently residents of the home. They told Webb that they wanted to learn how to play the guitar themselves. Knowing how important music has been in his own life, Webb inquired with local music stores for guitar donations, after several phone calls, he found a local beneficiary, Greg Mayo, of Mayo’s own upbringing makes him very empathetic with the children in the Friday-Johnson group home. Thanks to the request from Mr. Webb, four guitars were donated by Mayo and the children are now learning how to play guitar.

When Mr. Webb was asked what he would like the residents of our area to know abut the children in residence at the local group home, he replied, “The children there are heart grabbers. Despite their circumstances, they have a rosy outlook on life and they do not feel sorry for themselves. They are normal kids who want normal kid things. If we can just keep them body and soul together through their stay at the Friday -Johnson home, provide them with an excellent Fayette County education, they will be fine. They will go to college and they will be fine.” Three prior residents of the Friday-Johnson group home have graduated from Fayette County high schools and are currently enrolled in college. According to Bill Webb, “They now have a better chance at a great life. We will never fully understand or know the twists and turns of the lives of the children. We do know that the youth in our home sometimes struggle to just keep body and soul together. They are in the storms of life and the most important thing we do is to be there for them. Helping them to feel and know the love of caring adults who want them to succeed is extremely rewarding for those that do it.”

The Fayette Youth Protection Homes, Inc. was founded in 1986 by a group of Fayette County citizens who recognized the need for children to have a safe place protected from abuse and neglect. Through a contract with Georgia Baptist Children’s Homes, FYPH provides the clinical services and staff for children who have been displaced from their homes. Children are provided housing in a home owned by FYPH in Brooks, Georgia. The group also supports a comprehensive, privatized foster care program for children of all ages. For more information regarding the Fayette Youth Protection Homes, Inc., to become a donor, a volunteer, or to learn more about becoming a foster care family, please contact Becky Davenport, Executive Director, at 770.461.7020 or via the groups website at

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