Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sandy Creek One of Top High Schools in State for College Football

If you play football and aspire to advance to the college level, your best chances of getting there might be if you play for Sandy Creek High.

That’s what Steve Slay, a Georgia high school football fan and researcher with the Georgia High School Football Historians Association found when he complied data on schools throughout the state to see which were sending the most players into college ball.

With a total of 26 college players, Sandy Creek ranked #9 overall in a list of the top 14 Georgia high schools.

Slay also lists the top 10 schools for each classification. Sandy Creek ranked first in Class AAA. Both Fayette County High and Whitewater High made the top 10 for Class AAAA with 21 and 19 collegiate players, respectively. Fayette County is ranked #5 with Whitewater at #8.

The data is being highlighted in the next several issues of the Georgia High School Football Daily. Slay gathered data from college rosters online, so the information may not reflect complete accuracy.
Slay is continuing to research and tweak his data. When finished, he will post it on the forums at

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