Thursday, April 07, 2011

Crimes in Fayetteville that PTC residents and business owners need to be aware of...

The Peachtree City Police Department is providing this information so that our businesses and residents may be better informed of crimes occurring in our area.

Two robberies occurred in Fayetteville on April 7, 2011. A similar incident also occurred on April 4, 2011. In all incidents, the suspect is described as a white male, 35-40 years of age, and weighing approximately 150-160 lbs. Although his clothing could change over the days, he was wearing a sweatshirt and blue jeans. Additionally, his is wearing dark glasses and a baseball cap.

No weapon was displayed at the robberies, however, he did indicate that he had a gun in his pocket.

At the robberies, he left with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Please remember to call 911 if anything suspicious is observed. Also, please feel free to forward this alert.

The location of the robberies was Rite Aid (Glynn Street on 4/4), Rite Aid (Gingercake), and Jan's Flowers on Hwy 85.

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