Thursday, January 08, 2009

Fayette County School Employees to Give Input at After Hours Event January 15

Employees are the Fayette County School System’s most valuable and important resource. In order to serve students in the best possible way, the system works hard to attract the most highly qualified, innovative and dedicated teachers and staff.

Retaining these talented employees is a top priority for the school system’s human resources department. That’s why “HR After Hours, New Hires: Give ‘Em Something to Talk About” was implemented last spring to help foster two-way communication between employees and the school system. It was so successful that a second session has been scheduled for January 15 at the Fayette County Public Library.

The program provides an open forum for employees to learn more about specific aspects of the human resources department as well as share their perspectives and needs.

Information will be gathered about participants’ job experience views including what they like about their job, why they are looking forward to next year, things they wish their supervisor would do, what they need to be a better employee, one thing they would like to change about their work life and areas where they need help. The human resources department will use this information to make adjustments to its programs and services to better meet the needs of all employees.

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