Thursday, May 07, 2009

Fayette County Education Foundation Celebrates Another Successful Year

Fayette County Education Foundation members visited Rising Starr Middle to view the green house and garden maintained by students in Holly Monahan’s class. Monahan is the receipt of this year’s large grant award.

Even with donations being down this year, the Fayette County Education Foundation gave over $18,000 to teachers throughout the county’s public school system to help bring innovative teaching materials and programs to students.

A total of 34 projects received funding this year through the foundation’s mini-grant program. Mini-grant awards range from $200-$750 per person. Additionally, one large grant valued over $1,700 was awarded to Rising Starr Middle to purchase equipment for a green house used by special needs children to study plant life. This marks the second year the foundation has awarded a grant valued greater than $1,000.

The grants give educators the monetary assistance they need to bring innovative and creative programs into their schools and classrooms to help enhance the curriculum that is already in place. These programs are in addition to what is funded by the school system. Without assistance from the Fayette County Education Foundation, funding for many of these programs would not be possible.

Counting this year’s grants, the Fayette County Education Foundation has given over $174,000 to more than 420 recipients since it awarded its first grants in 2002. Funding for the grants would not be possible without the generous support of the business community, Fayette County School System employees and local individuals who have a vested interest in enhancing educational opportunities for Fayette’s students. Donations to the foundation are tax deductible.

In addition to grants, the foundation also gives scholarships to paraprofessionals in the Fayette County School System who are currently enrolled in an accredited teaching program and plan to teach in Fayette after earning their certification. This year’s winners are Patricia Sanders, Oak Grove Elementary, and Tara Fathy-Amin, Robert J. Burch Elementary.

The foundation is a cooperative effort between the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce and the Fayette County Public School System. Anyone interested in becoming a supporter of the Fayette County Education Foundation can contact Melinda Berry-Dreisbach at the Fayette County Board of Education, 770-460-3535.

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