Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fayette County Graduation Test Results Remain High

Fayette County high school students continue to hold onto their high pass rates on the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT), including the English and science exams that are aligned to the state’s more rigorous curriculum.

In fact, more students scored in the “honors” category in the English and science portions, up 4 points to 21 percent and up 2 points to 22 percent, respectively, over 2008.

The county continues to show much higher pass rates than the state in all subjects: English Language Arts, 96 percent (Fayette) and 87 percent (state); mathematics, 96 percent (Fayette) and 91 percent (state); science, 94 percent (Fayette) and 85 percent (state); social studies, 94 percent (Fayette) and 82 percent (state).

Pass rates also increased in most subgroups with English Language Learners posting higher scores in all subjects. The most dramatic increases were in English, up 23 points to 90 percent; science, up 24 points to 69 percent and social studies, up 35 points to 64 percent.

The pass rate for Hispanic students rose in both English and science, up 7 points to 90 percent and up four points to 87 percent, respectively, and the pass rate for African American students rose in social studies, up two points to 90 percent.

The GHSGT is given to high school students for the first time in the spring of their junior year. All four portions of the test, plus the Georgia High School Writing Test, must be passed in order for a student to receive a full diploma from a Georgia public school. Students can retake the GHSGT as many times as they like if they do not pass specific exams.

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