Friday, May 08, 2009

Young Fayette County Mathematicians Showcase Skills at Annual Tournament

Elementary math competitors at the 2009 Fayette County Elementary Math Tournament proved they knew their subject, forcing tiebreakers during the two-day event.

This marked the ninth consecutive year that the school system has hosted the competition for fourth and fifth graders. Teams of three from each of the county’s 17 elementary schools were represented at both levels. Teams were determined through competitions held at each school.

Crabapple Lane Elementary swept both the fourth and fifth grade competition this year, capturing the first place award at each level. John Childers, Samantha Schmid, Cameron Stephens and (alternate) Michael Young represented the fourth grade team; Lota Erinne, Carson Silbert, Josh Trebuchon and (alternate) Asa Smith made up the fifth grade team.

As the first place winner of the fourth and fifth grade competitions, Crabapple Lane’s name will be engraved on the plaque of champions that is displayed in the math classroom at the LaFayette Educational Center.

Rounding out the runner-up teams for the fourth grade division were Peeples Elementary, second place, and Oak Grove Elementary, third. Team members for Peeples included Brian Buck, Nick Palmer, Joshua Tysor and (alternate) Ashley Broderick. The Oak Grove team consisted of Abby Burke, Selina Krieg, Carter Rogers and (alternate) Kevin McBride.

Fayetteville Intermediate and Robert J. Burch Elementary placed second and third, respectively, at the fifth grade competition. Fayetteville Intermediate team members were Lemoine Dillon, Alyssa Jones, Terrence Thompson and (alternate) Benjamin How. Team members representing Burch were Jasmine Clark, Amanda Lockridge, Maria Quintero and (alternate) Shelby Worrell.

“Congratulations to the students who represented their schools at the competition. Thank you to the teachers and parents who have contributed to the students’ love of mathematics. It was a pleasure for me to celebrate mathematics with them,” says Lynn Ridgeway, math coordinator and organizer of the tournament.

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