Monday, March 07, 2011

Suspicious male witnessed taking pictures of juveniles in Mark Style 3/5

On March 5, 2011 between 4:50pm and 5:20pm, a suspicious male approached several juveniles who were playing in the Mark Style subdivision, asked if he could take their pictures, and then proceeded to take pictures with what is described as a “nice digital camera”. The mothers of the juveniles were near by and observed this occur. As they walked towards the male to confront him, they stated that he quickly walked away. The Peachtree City Police Department was notified of the incident and responded to the incident location. A description of the suspicious male was provided and is listed below this narrative. Immediately after the incident, Officers searched the area, but were unable to locate a subject fitting the description. Additionally, residents in the area were spoken with and none could remember seeing a subject meeting this description in the Mark Style area. From the time of the incident through the evening of March 6, Officers were directed to patrol the cart paths and roadways of the Braelinn area in an attempt to locate the subject, or locate a resident who may have witnessed someone fitting the description. The subject was not located during these saturated patrols.

Suspect description

White male, late 50’s to 60 years of age. Approximately 5’8” to 5’10” tall. Heavy set with a protruding stomach. White or gray beard that is well kept and approximately 3” in length. The subject is bald on top, with shoulder length white/gray hair that is curling upwards on the ends beginning around his ears.

On March 5, 2011, he was described as wearing a white t-shirt with blue lettering on the front, blue jeans and a bright red jacket.

The Police Department would like to remind everyone to please call 911 immediately if something suspicious is witnessed. Please do not attempt to locate pictures and identify people until an officer has arrived as doing this can significantly interfere with the ability to use statements of identification if and when a case appears before a judge. The most important things that you can do to help the police are the following:

1) Make sure you are safe
2) Remember as much information about the suspect as possible. What he/she was wearing, age, height, and anything that describes the person
3) Remember vehicle information - type, make, model, tag number, color, and anything else that would help us find the vehicle
4) If it's a golf cart, please obtain the decal number. Make, model, color, 2, 4, or 6 seater, gas/electric, and anything else that made the cart stand out.

If anyone has information that would assist the Police Department in this or other incidents, please contact the Peachtree City Criminal Investigations Division at 770-631-2510, or the Crime and Narcotics Information Hotline at (770) 487-6010. You may remain anonymous.

Public Information Officer – Captain Rosanna Dove

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