Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fayette County Schools Earn Achievement Awards

Fayette County elementary, middle and high schools have collectively received 30 awards from the Georgia Department of Education in recognition of their academic achievement.

The second annual Superintendent’s Distinguished Achievement Awards honor schools that had the highest achievement and greatest improvement on state curriculum tests: the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT), the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT), the End-of-Course Test (EOCT) and state Writing Tests.

All of Fayette’s awards were given in the “achievement” category. The top 10 schools in the state with the highest percentage of students scoring in the “exceeds” category in each honored subject area and grade level received achievement awards. The honored subjects and grade levels include: Grades 1-8 Reading CRCT; Grades 2 and 6 English Language Arts CRCT; Grade 9 Literature EOCT; American Literature EOCT; English Language Arts and Reading GHSGT; Grades 1-8 Mathematics CRCT; Mathematics GHSGT; Grades 4 and 8 Social Studies CRCT; U.S. History EOCT; Economics EOCT; Social Studies GHSGT; Grades 5-8 Science CRCT; Physical Science EOCT; Biology EOCT; Science GHSGT; Grade 5 Writing Test; Georgia High School Writing Test.

A total of three elementary and middle schools received achievement awards for performance on the CRCT:
Kedron Elementary – Grade 3 Reading and Grade 4 Mathematics
Peeples Elementary – Grade 2 Reading and Grade 3 Reading
Rising Starr Middle –Grade 6 Mathematics and Grade 8 Reading

In addition, Rising Starr Middle also received an achievement award in Grade 8 Writing.

Two high schools received achievement awards for performance on the EOCT:
McIntosh – U.S. History and Economics
Starr’s Mill – Economics

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