Monday, January 10, 2011

Robbers caught in Fayetteville

Three suspects who attempted to rob a restaurant owner and his wife at approximately 12:01 AM on January 9, 2011 were apprehended by Fayetteville Police Officers. Brian Lemonte Hall, 21 of College Park, Demarcus Jerome Willingham, 22 and Brandon Hardy, 21 of Fairburn are all charged with Criminal Attempt-Robbery and are in the Fayette County jail.

Early Sunday morning, the victims, who own an Asian restaurant in East Point, Georgia, were apparently followed from their business and were approached by two of the suspects in their driveway while the third suspect stayed in the car. The suspects demanded money and when the male victim chased them, both suspects fled to their vehicle. The victims called 911 and reported that the three males were in a large white car. A lookout for the vehicle was issued by Fayette County Dispatch.

A Fayetteville Patrol Lieutenant patrolling nearby heard the lookout given by dispatch and made a traffic stop on the white, 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis. Hall was driving the car with Willingham and Hardy as passengers. Officers located a Tech 9 semi automatic pistol inside the vehicle.

Hardy and Willingham were also charged with Giving False Information to Police and Willingham has an additional outstanding warrant from Fairburn. Police are still investigating the incident and more charges are pending.

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