Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sandy Creek Selected for Pilot French Program

Host ambassador Omari Allen (left) and school principal Roy Rabold presented André Peltier with a Student of the Week certificate and a book about Georgia to commemorate his visit.

A partnership between two schools, Sandy Creek High and Lycee Emmanuel Héré in Nancy France, promises to provide a unique learning opportunity for students.

Sandy Creek is one of seven high schools in the state selected by the Georgia Department of Education to participate in a pilot program aimed at bringing French students in contact with their counterparts in France. Sandy Creek was chosen because of its successful French program headed up by teacher Stephane Allagnon.

For one week last month, the school hosted a French ambassador student, André Peltier, from its partner school. Peltier stayed with Sandy Creek’s American ambassador student, Omari Allen.

Peltier spent his time learning all he could about the American school system. He says he was amazed to see how well everybody got along and the amount of respect between students and faculty.

French students at Sandy Creek seized the opportunity to increase their knowledge about France and its culture. By the end of the week, the students had hammered out details pertaining the schools’ partnership, and students from both schools began communicating with each other via the Internet.

The two schools will present the results of their partnership in May to the State Department of Education.

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