Monday, April 27, 2009

Fayette County 5th Graders Make Gains on Writing Assessment

The Spring 2009 Georgia Fifth Grade Writing Assessment results for Fayette County show a decrease in students scoring in the “does not meet” category while students meeting standards rise.

Compared to last year’s results, four percent more students moved into the “meets standards” category with a two percent decrease in “does not meet standards.” According to the results, 73 percent of students are meeting standards, 15 percent are exceeding them (same as last year) and 13 percent are not meeting standards. A total of 1,613 students took the test.

Fayette County remains a leader in the state with 22 percent of Georgia’s students “not meeting standards,” 70 percent “meeting” and eight percent “exceeding.”

The largest gains on the test were among Fayette County's Hispanic students with more moving out of the “does not meet” category and into “meets.” The 2009 results show that out of the 100 students who took the test, 20 percent failed to meet standards (an eight percent drop from last year), 70 percent met the standards (an 11 percent increase from last year) and 10 percent exceeded the standards.

The Georgia Writing Assessment is administered to students in grades three, five, eight and 11. The assessments provide information to students about their writing performance and areas of strength and challenge.

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