Friday, April 17, 2009

Mentors Help Students Prepare for CRCT

Gail Joiner tutors students (L-R) Dylan Rumbaugh, Madi Strickland and Josephine Nelson.

The Friends Mentoring Program and Mathnasium, a tutoring service that is a Partner in Education with Kedron Elementary in Peachtree City, joined forces to help fifth graders at the school prepare for the CRCT.

Gail Joiner, a volunteer math mentor, and Kevin Thoman, her boss at Mathnasium, along with several instructors, visited Kedron for CRCT Prep Night. The free sessions offered help with numbers and operations skills, fractions and some geometry.

Joiner, who spent 30 years as a teacher, says mentoring is vital to assisting teachers due to the daily demands that limit the amount of time they can spend with each child.

“The academic, social and emotional needs in a classroom are very diverse. There are a few children who need just that little extra that teachers truly want to give, but due to simple logistics, cannot provide. It’s frustrating for us teaches when we see a child who needs a little more time but we simply can’t provide it. That’s where the mentoring program is so vital,” she says.

The mentor program’s mission is to build positive, long-term relationships between schools and the public by partnering community role models with Fayette County school students to help with the complexities of school, home and community.

“The needs in our classrooms are many and truly does take a village to prepare our children for success,” says Joiner.

Information about the Friends Mentoring Program is available by contacting Jane Gough at 770-460-3990.

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