Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fayette County Students See Gains on Eighth Grade Writing Assessment

Fayette County scores on the 2009 Georgia Eighth Grade Writing Assessment show a one percent gain in the “exceed standards” category and improved scores across the board for Hispanic students.

A total of 1,614 regular program students took the test with 76 percent “meeting standards,” 18 percent “exceeding standards,” and six percent “not meeting standards.” Fayette’s scores remained above that of the state where 72 percent of the state’s eighth graders “met standards,” seven percent “exceeded standards,” and 21 percent “did not meet standards.”

Fayette County Hispanic students posted the greatest improvement from last year with 11 percent “not meeting standards”– a six percent drop, 81 percent “meeting standards”– a four percent gain, and nine percent “exceeding standards” – a three percent gain. In comparison to Georgia’s scores, the students performed well above their peers with 30 percent of the state’s students “not meeting standards,” 67 percent “meeting standards,” and three percent “exceeding standards.”

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