Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bikes on the road

I am simply loving seeing all the bikes on the road in Fayette County! I know there are people that get impatient when they have to wait for a clear road to go around a biker, but I don't mind. I used to ride until I blew my knees out running. I miss it. There's nothing better than an early morning ride through the woods on the paths in Peachtree City. I would come up on wildlife fairly often. We'd both stop and look at each other, usually they gave it up first and would take off.

The "Share the Road" signs are great. I'd prefer to see paths all through the county, but that's a rather expensive project to undertake. Maybe someday... I imagine if the price of gas keeps going up we'll see more folks taking their bikes on short hops. Around here the preferred way of travel without a car is a golf cart though!

When I get "stuck" behind a bike I rather like the fact that I usually have to slow down. It seems like I'm always behind, always running from one place to the next. When I am forced to slow down along a country road I take the time to look at the scenery, to slow my breathing just a little and regroup.

I envy those who are able to ride. I'm not so sure I'd be as brave as some. I remember riding the back roads with my son when he was still at home. A bunch of guys in a pickup truck decided it would be fun to run us off the road. They tossed a beer can out the truck as they sped off laughing. Definitely had my heart rate on the high side! I can't understand why someone would think it was fun to run a mother and child off the road. Luckily neither of us were hurt.

I made sure we popped our bikes on the back of the car and drove into Peachtree City to ride on the paths after that. There's probably not a path in Peachtree City that I haven't been on more than... well, who knows how many times! Between my biking, running and golf cart riding I've lost count.

I've rambled enough. I have been seeing more and more riders on the roads and wanted to commend them and let them know that there is at least one person riding behind them who doesn't mind a bit.

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