Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thursday, May 4, 2006 - Lots to catch up on!

It's been a busy few weeks jam packed with many wonderful events. Today was possibly the best. Some of you may be aware that today is designated as a National Day of Prayer. For the past 15 plus years local churches have gotten together to invite local elected officials to a breakfast.

This morning Greg and I started out day at Grace Evangelical Church on Flat Creek Road. it was truly and uplifting event! You can't help but feel good when a room full of ministers are praying for you. We met a lot of wonderful people. It is a good feeling to know that you are on so very many prayer lists!

On Tuesday the Metro Fayette Kiwanis honored the Most Improved Students from all the elementary schools in the county. There were some sharp 5th graders who had made some impressive strides during the year! What struck me was how caring and dedicated their teachers and principals were. We'll have pictures on the site in the near future.

Saturday night Carolyn Cary was honored. This super lady has had her fingers in almost every pie in the county at some point. She is phenomenal. As is our Fayette County Library staff! Ms. Christeen Snell cooked up this fabulous event to honor Carolyn. It was a huge success.

Friday night I attended the first social event for members of the Fayette Art Center and Gallery. This non-profit center is doing much to bring the arts to the forefront in the county. Kathaleen Brewer is committed to expanding our horizons and is doing a fantastic job!

I managed to get in a few days of work at iSold It in Peachtree City. That is one fun job. Every day I meet new people and learn something new about all the great things people have collected through time. That's an article that deserves its own space.

I spent some time with our cute and still cuddly granddaughter, Niah. Plus Greg and I saw our other granddaughter practice and then play in her first official soccer game. Seeing a bunch of four year olds play soccer is non-stop laughs. As long as they were kicking the ball somewhere they were happy - it didn't matter if they kicked it in the wrong direction.

After the soccer game we spent time with their family before going to our OTHER granddaughter's softball game.

I know I've forgotten something! Through it all there is a common theme - great people!

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