Saturday, August 19, 2006

Gettin' rid of toxins

When I was at the meeting this past Tuesday regarding the MOCAP release by the Phillips Service Corporation (PSC) in Fairburn I talked with the EPD rep for a short period of time. He was talking to someone else when I walked up and was explaining how they had tested the air for mercaptan.

Mercaptan is the odorant the put in non-smelling toxic agents to give them a smell. It is used because such a tiny amount can odorize a large amount. In very high concentrations it can cause problems.

However, the problem is not with the mercaptan, it's with whatever it was odorizing (in this case, ethoprop, a highly toxic insecticide that has been banned for use on certain things we ingest already!).

Back to the EPD conversation... They tested the air. I asked if they had tested the water. The answer was something along the lines of "it wasn't what we were tasked to do." They found enough problems to hit Phillips with the largest fine the EPD has ever levied but they didn't check the water? or the soil?

I understand that Fayette County took the initiative to test the water and the results are posted on (Dennis Chase's report). It looks like Whitewater Creek has a few problems but not the kind of problems that it would have if MOCAP had been dumped in it.

However, I have two questions: 1) How do we know the MOCAP didn't leach through the soil into the underground aquifiers and 2) What goes with an agency that has to have a mandate to test the water and the soil?

We're on well water. I'm not sure exactly where the water comes from, whether it ties into Whitewater Creek somehow or not. I suppose I should try to find out. We have the water tested and we have a water filter to take out some of the impurities. I have a tendency to drink bottled water anyway, since we have hard water and I haven't taken the time to see if that white residue I see building up on the refrigerator dispenser is something that could build up inside my body... Hopefully someone out there who might happen to read this will know and zap an email ( or leave a comment.

Continuing to think about MOCAP, our water and overall health:

I'm fairly astute when it comes to keeping up with products, health, vitamins, and research. I watch what I eat and I do my darndest to take care of myself (yes, working out more would be a great thing to do!). Since reading about MOCAP, mercaptan and all the fun things that people dump into our food supply I've increased my emphasis on detoxification.

I started taking NCD drops a few months back (gets rid of the metals and toxins in the system). I've gone back on the higher dosage as a result of what I've been reading. The company (Waiora) is coming out with a great new antioxidant, vitamin, etc. product in liquid form next month. I'm going to be getting that also. I love the idea of taking an ounce or so of liquid a day rather than downing those easy-to-forget vitamins!

The NCD Zeolite drops are easy, the liquid vitamins are going to be easy. I'm using what we call "Botox in a bottle," too. Huge difference in my skin.

I think I might up my vitamin C and other antioxidants just a bit in the meantime. I'm still working on moving to organic. I've found FROZEN organic veggies! Now we're talking... Kroger, Wal-Mart, Publix all have organic pre-packaged foods and frozen offerings. I can be lazy in the kitchen and eat right at the same time. Ah, life is good.

To learn more about MOCAP, ethoprop and mercaptan, click on the PSC Odor link under Issues on the front page of To find out more about Waiora products, wander around this site:

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