Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wednesday, June 7th, 2006 - Skeptical

I am usually a skeptical person when it comes to things I'm going to ingest. My husband would say I'm not as he sees me eating vitamins and taking herbs (self-medicating ;-). But I do my research, watch things for a while, watch people who are taking things to see if there's really any benefit and I check out the company, and so on and so on. Over the years I've tried a lot of things that flat out didn't live up to their advertisements, so I tend to be harder to convince now.

I am in a women's networking group that meets every Thursday morning. (No, I'm not changing the subject!!! I'll tie this together in a sentence or two or ten...). It's a great group of ever-changing women who have become friends. There's JoAnna Shipe who has to be the most dynamic and effervescent Mary Kay woman in the entire world! Angie McCarl, co-owner of the Peachtree City Fitness Spa. She is one of the kindest and most caring individuals I may ever know. Debbie Baus, another great woman who really knows her Internet! She's a loving mother, intelligent as they come and just an all-round good person. There are others - Linda Mackey, best person for insurance... Denise Davis, who I could sit and talk with for a lifetime. She is the absolute best reflexologist (Sole Therapy) I have ever known or heard of, plus she's the co-founder of a fantastic group, Joyful Being. Kim Pettinato, health, health, health is her forte! There are many more and I'm sorry I don't have space to list everyone... because I need to get back to my theme finally!

First Angie started talking about a product from a company named Waiora called Natural Cellular Defense. She told us various tales of improvements people she knew had taking these "zeolite" drops. My thoughts? Oh, yeah, another one of those miracle health things... I listened, but I wasn't going to get involved.

Time goes on, another person in the group tries them, starts talking about cold sores going away on their daughter. Someone else tells about a woman diagnosed with cancer who started taking the drops and her tumor shrunk before her operation (no drugs!). Then the real kicker - one of the ladies started noticing her cellulite diminishing. OK, NOW I'm listening! Story after story from people I knew and it takes the lessening of unsightly fat bubbles to make my ears perk up. (It's that old WIIFM, "what's in it for me" thing!).

Yup, I'm taking those little drops now and I'm already seeing results. Not in my cellulite (I imagine that's going to take more than a week to go away). No, I'm seeing my skin improve. I'm not just taking the drops, I'm dabbing a little on my skin to see what happens. After all, if it'll work on cold sores, cellulite and cancer, surely it'll help even out those wrinkles a little?

I'm still learning about it and I'll be posting info on here off & on so you can keep up with the results. I'll share any bits of info I hear from my other zeolite taking friends! I have seen one thing in another friend of mine - her skin is visibly improving. She's using some of the other Waiora products that are geared to anti-aging. If she keeps improving, I'm going to be smearing that stuff on, too!

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