Wednesday, August 16, 2006

PSC Odor

Whew. I've been reading about the problem up at the Phillips plant on the Fayette County border in South Fulton and I've been emailing with a few folks. Last night I went to the meeting at Sandy Creek High School. What a mess.

The meeting wasn't a mess. Rep. Virgil Fludd did a good job getting the right people together and hosting the meeting. The mess is the situation.

My overall impression was that a lot of people are working very hard to do what they can to correct the problem but it's a disjointed effort. One agency takes some samples but not others. One government group checks the water. Another is dealing with another aspect. The most organized group appears to be the citizen's group!

It sounded like there is a joint task force being put together finally that will pull all the resources together. I should be finding out more about that Thursday.

Unfortunately, it's taken a long time to get it to happen and more and more people are complaining about illnesses. There's a lot of understandable frustration.

The forum last night really brought home to me how impotent the goverment can be as it's bogged down with so many restrictions. The representative from the EPA said a number of times that his agency could only do this or that. Why aren't they able to reach out - or maybe the question is why don't they take the initiative to reach out - to other agencies?

I'm getting into the thick of this a little late. There are some fantastic people in the Community group who have put time and sweat into getting some answers. They are organized by Connie Biemiller who is the perfect person for this arduous task!

Dennis Chase, Lois Speaker and others have joined forces to get to the bottom of this and to do what they can to get the situation corrected.

If you'd like to keep up with this problem, check out the new website at Click on the PSC Odor link on the front page under issues. If you'd like to add your comments to the website, send an email to In the near future there will be a guest book which will give you the opportunity to add your comments directly.

Get involved! Get it fixed.

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