Wednesday, August 16, 2006

MOCAP, Ethoprop, Mercaptan...

If you haven't heard of any of the words in the title of this column you probably haven't heard about the problems with the Phillips Service Corp. (PSC) in Fairburn. Hundreds of individuals have reported problems from inhaling or other potential exposure to ethoprop (trade name MOCAP).

Mercaptan is the agent that is put in gas, insecticides and other non-odorous products to GIVE them an odor. It makes sense to put something in odorless products that can kill you.

You can read the news stories elsewhere - the subject has been reported in the news across the country (to see a list visit and click on the PSC Odor link).

I've been out reading about MOCAP. I've decided I will never again eat any non-organic product. It is scary to actually see the number of toxic chemicals being used by farmers around the world.

Typically, we get upset about things when we can see, touch, hear or feel them. Most of us have no idea how our food is grown. We still have the pictures in our minds from when we were young of the farmer on his tractor in the field. The family scene of little Jimmy milking the cow while young Susie fills her basket with fresh-laid eggs.

I read a book years ago about pork, chicken and beef in the United States. A reporter traveled the country touring plants, visiting a wide assortment of agencies and farms. I doubt anyone would be able to sink their teeth into a steak after reading what we feed our cattle.

What would happen if we started looking into how our veggies are grown? The first thing to go would be the rosy picture we have from our youth about farms! Just like our beef and chicken, everything is done for expediency and dollars.

I understand the difficulty facing those who provide us with our food. How can we feed the world if we can't kill the bugs and diseases that attack our food sources? Most of us are spoiled. Given a choice between an almost-ripe red tomato that tastes like mush and an organic tomato that has some spots on it, we're going to grab the pretty red one. Especially when we compare prices.

But what price should we put on our health? After reading about MOCAP, ethoprop and even mercaptan, I've decided to see if I can afford to go organic. We'll see.


Brenda said...

I hear there is an organic co-op in Sharpsburg. Wondered if there was anything like that in PTC. Sounds like a good thing to do!

Brenda said...
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